Wwe Royal Rumble 2013

Five matches were contested at the event, including one in this pre-show. Rock went back into the ring where Punk attacked him. Rock performed a Rock Bottom outside the ring, but Punk kicked out of a pin attempt.

Royal Rumble (2012)

Bret put Hitman shades on Ricardo. Clay went after Jericho early on. As per the match stipulations, Ziggler's tag team partner Jack Swagger and manager Vickie Guerrero were both banned from ringside.

His music played during the entire time. Jericho hit a dropkick off the middle rope to eliminate McIntyre.

Cesaro knocked Bryan out, Kane caught him and Bryan wanted him to put him back into the ring. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho on Rhodes and he applied it to a thunderous ovation. Jericho went for a Codebreaker on Ziggler and he hit it, but Ziggler held on.

Royal Rumble

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Royal Rumble (2012)

That was another period with not a lot happening. The announcers were arguing about Dr. John Cena ended in a double count-out. You win the match by knocking your opponent down and keeping him down for a ten count. Very intense promo from the challenger.

To the top rope, Del Rio hit a seated senton off the top. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Barrett decked Cena with a hard kick to the stomach. Del Rio dodged an attack and then Rodriguez hit Show in the back. Big ovation from the crowd.

Rock hit a leaping clothesline followed by a spinebuster. Punk went to the top rope where he hit the Flying Elbow for a two count.

Ziggler nearly eliminated Jericho, but Chris landed on the apron and hit a chop off the top rope. Show countered the Cross Armbreaker attempt with a one armed suplex. Towards the latter part of the match Punk had Ziggler beaten, but the referee was knocked out and unable to make the count. Then Del Rio rolled out to the floor. Bryan retained by escaping the cage after he fell from Big Show's grasp Bryan was climbing out of the cage, and Show was trying to pull him back in over the top and fell to the arena floor.

Jericho chopped him and then Ziggler gave Santino a superkick. Show threw Del Rio off the set and Del Rio went through the table below. Bryan with a missile dropkick on Sandow. Rock told us his life story saying his goal was to win the national football title at Miami U and he did that.

This was written live on Sunday night. In the ring, Rock kicked the injured left knee of Punk. Sandow tagged in to hit the Elbow of Disdain on Bryan. Del Rio staggered to his feet at the count of nine and then he fell right down.

Backstage, Josh Mathews talked to The Rock. Kingston was on the apron, so Ziggler kicked him. Nice dropkick by Ziggler on Jericho. Rock said that the people have no idea how much they really count.

After a few minutes of going back and forth, Cena then eliminated Ryback to win the Rumble, making him the fourth wrestler to win multiple Rumble matches as he won the match in as well. Ziggler missed a splash in the corner and took a bump over the top, but he was able to stay on the apron to avoid an elimination.

The John Report WWE Royal Rumble Review

The following match was between John Cena and Kane. There were some more near eliminations of Ziggler, but he kept hanging on. Show met him on the floor where he delivered a weak body slam outside the ring. Heyman got in another cheapshot.

That was a very innovative spot by Kingston. Del Rio grabbed a steel chair and hit Show in the back with it several times. Show got up at the count of nine. Springboard kick by Jericho nearly eliminated Sheamus. The story was that Ryback was out from the move, so Cena put Ryback on the top rope.

Rock ended up hitting a Rock Bottom on the floor. He threw Slater out and gave Rhodes the Attitude Adjustment to eliminate him. More dueling Cena chants from the crowd. When the lights came back, the assailant s were nowhere to be found, and Rock had been driven through the English announce table, allowing Punk to get the winning pin.

Royal Rumble 2013

After that was the annual Royal Rumble match. Show whipped Del Rio into a part of the Royal Rumble set near the entrance. There were clips of the Royal Rumble fan fest from the weekend. Cena winning just have away rocks win which I thought was bull crap, windows pagemaker they should have done the rumble last.

The latter team won after Phoenix tagged herself in and performed a glam slam on Kelly Kelly, scoring the pinfall. That was an excellent false finish. The same night, Laurinaitis put Cena in a one-on-one match against Kane at the Royal Rumble, in addition to booking Cena in a match against Swagger. Show was unable to free himself in time and was counted out.