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You can follow Iggy on Twitter. The pattern changes as you click on it.

It presents his music and programming skills in a creative way. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin You love music, you love the Internet. BeatStars is a digital marketplace where producers and artists are able to link up without ever getting into a studio together. You can always work out a deal and make something happen. Besides the cool preloader which will definitely grab your attention, this website uses a series of animations and background sounds which will definitely inspire you.

It was created by Xavier Veilham and it represents the French Pavilion. When they move they also make a sound.

Artists can pay a bargain-rate fee to download a beat, leaving it open to other artists to use as well, as Lil Nas X did. Now, the new world of gig music is big enough now to attract some celebrity names.

One in a million producers can get a hit record. More Hazards is a Nashville folk duo and this website focuses on presenting their music in a creative way. John Iacoviello is a software developer and this website definitely suits him. This website uses a simple full-screen background image and a minimalist menu bar at the bottom of the page. Janis is a fashion website that uses calm music, such as the ones you hear at the mall, in clothing stores.

Arrow Created with Sketch. And like a Reese's Peanut Butter cup, those are two great things that work well together. Wall Street is intrigued, too. Live concerts, streamed online.

7 Websites for Music Lovers7 Websites for Music Lovers

If an artist commercially releases a song with an uncleared sample in it, the artist who is sampled can sue them for track credit and back royalties. Blast is a colorful website with a bold background sound that gives this page personality, making it look and sound bold and creative!

The website looks modern and elegant. You can listen to many songs on this website and get inspired. Looking at the most popular tracks is a great way to find new music, and each song links to different ways to purchase the music and various ways to share the song on social media.

22 Websites That Use Background Music or Sounds

But in some cases, adding sounds or music to a website will make it special and increase its value! It uses a simple dark background and large thumbnail photos for each project. Instant Love celebrates songs through a colorful website. This is a sound experiment which was created for the Venice Biennale. The website uses full-screen videos on which lyrics come up as he sings.

This website presents the journey of Amy Winehouse and her beautiful music. The website introduces you into this world through black and white Google navigation and subtle scary sounds. You love music, you love the Internet. That Lil Nas X was able to put together a chart-smashing song for less than the price of a tank of gas is a perfect testament that the traditional structure of the music business has blown apart. Enter it and listen to his music.

You can queue up music in the Daytrotter player on the bottom of your page while you listen to varied playlists from readers as well as artists. Shape Created with Sketch. This agency has a really nice animated website that uses computer background sounds and short films.

22 Websites That Use Background Music or Sounds

Pivovarov is a musician and he has some really nice music which you can listen on this website. This website user a modular grid layout in a creative way.

Calendar Created with Sketch. Is there anything else you need to know? You know, that song you are currently listening to that is doing it for you. You have all the best music apps, you have your Pandora station tweaked just right and you know where to look every Tuesday for the new releases. This website was specially created for a band called Dubfire.

Now, I know you've been on the Internet a long time and you know your way around. But in each case people are going to point fingers. My Static Self is his personal portfolio website that also uses background sounds. The best is when you find a concert you attended. It catches your attention with the full-screen video and it is also very intuitive and user-friendly.

He is both a musician and a programmer and he has an awesome website which will definitely inspire you in your next project. His website can definitely inspire you and so can his music. National Public Radio's music section has it all.

Hype Machine is sort of a conglomeration of Pandora and last. But others in the industry strongly disagree with that view, believing online music marketplaces should establish a process by which each beat uploaded is reviewed and cleared.

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Not only do you get songs to match what you feel, but you get to discover new music in the process. The right info stands out, making it easy for the visitor to understand what this site is all about. Batshon says he receives inquiries from venture capitalists every week, taxi vector but he wants to wait and see what else the company can become first. The Build Film also uses sounds on their website.

Cubes turn fully-red when hovered over and they make a sound. Hype Machine Hype Machine is sort of a conglomeration of Pandora and last. The one you have on repeat, the one that's making your day better or maybe even making you cry.

Muziek voor iedereen

Fournasetti has a delirious animated background and uses some really nice background music. It's got a pretty accurate algorithm going.