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But she also did a tour of duty with pro surfer Kelly Slater. You can have any heterosexual man on the planet and probably a couple of homosexual ones, too. From to she dated Terrence Jenkins, an actor and television personality who is definitely not ugly, but isn't totally ordinary looking either. Despite looking every bit the Russian soldier he is, he must have something special going on to keep Grigorieva interested. It was brief, but it counts.

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Get to know the supermodels who've already walked down the aisle

But when you're doing a list entirely of Victoria's Secret models, Mrs. He looks about as good as any average man in a suit, but thankfully that's not the only tool on his Swiss Army Knife. Ebanks was most famously connected with comedian Nick Cannon, to whom she was briefly engaged, nepotii gornistului online dating and since then she has dated several men including Kanye West.

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As is usually the case, a pretty face is not required to have a talent at sports, and in this, Clarkson is no exception. Marisa Miller You would think a woman like Elsa Benitez could bag a superstar athlete worth a cajillion dollars. But don't let that fool you into the thinking the girl has unreasonable standards.

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She bumped into Drury, a former marine, in a restaurant when she was having something of a crisis in her life and it seems he was just the pill she needed. They divorced two years later, but Marisa kept the name.

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Irvine was a fine race car driver, he was way out of his league with Alina. But it's probably unfair to judge a musician by his looks, since screaming into a mic for two hours isn't anyone's idea of a beauty regimen.