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We use this to have Knockout generate a unique name for each field which is needed since jQuery Validate will only validate fields that have the name attribute set. Validation Attributes Validation attributes are a way to configure model validation so it's similar conceptually to validation on fields in database tables. Join to initialize AdditionalFields.

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Value refers to the actual value from the field that your custom validator is validating. In this tutorial, rob pattinson kristen stewart dating again I want to show you a simple and easy way of validating forms that contain dynamic fields. This prevents a conflict with the dynamically generated markup from BootstrapValidator.

An alternative is to make a round-trip request to validate a field. Each field in the form can have zero one or more validations. Once you start introducing client-side dynamic form elements using Knockout. For example, you could check a user group, or some other form of access and deny it if they failed to be a part of the group. Makes a property required.

Validates the property has a telephone format. Just inherit from the ValidationAttribute, and override the IsValid method. They all have a maximum length and the name is a mandatory field and the email address must be valid.

The important area to take notice of is the array key. In the future, I expect that we'll be able to generate this file from the annotations.

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Validates that the data matches the specified regular expression. Associate the validation function with the validator object. If you want to add a custom validation, see the section below Adding a custom validation If you want to add a custom validation, which is not provided by the validation descriptors, you can do so. There may be instances where you need more features than built-in attributes provide. However, jQuery doesn't know about rules or messages until you add them to jQuery's validator object.

You just have to choose the validations. Notes on the use of the Required attribute Non-nullable value types such as decimal, int, float, and DateTime are inherently required and don't need the Required attribute.

Validates that a string property has at most the given maximum length. Validation is necessary although it can be redundant and tedious to implement.

Introduction to model validation