Usko Nahin Dekha Hamne Kabhi Song

Have not watched its video for years, shall confirm the other actor once i go through the video again. After that it was off my memory. Who can give lives to us than our mother. Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor. This song in fact is so moving that one can be pardoned for getting a bit moist eyed on listening to this song.

This song is sung beautifully by Mahendra Kapoor and Manna Dey and it is picturised on Maa, her son and servant going to temple on a Tonga. May her sole rest in peace. We have not seen Him and it is not even necessary to see him O ma O ma We have seen you and God may not look any different from you in appearance We have not seen him. Your rating will really help us to improve our website.

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She really looked a lovely mother in this film. May the person who composed it be ever blessed!

Usko Nahin Dekha Hamne Kabhi. Yeh jaankaari mere paas nahin thi. Atul's Bollywood song a day-with full lyrics. Log book Movies-all songs covered Anniversary dates.

The greatest saints woe their lives to their mother. How she use to celebrate deepawali. Roshan Saheb composed this song very well.

Usko nahin dekha hamne kabhi

Usko Nahi Dekha Hamne Kabhi Lyrics & Song Daadi Maa

Ya it is true you can not get another Mom in this world. Having said that, most such songs were created years back.

In these days, when we hear about people sending their aged parents to retirement homes, able arcade games for pc this song is such a welcome reminder of days when people lived in joint families. It seems to be a favourite subject in Hindi movies.

One day before Diwali I prepared her favorite food. It used to make me cry and to go back to my mom and just seeing her would make me feel good. Though a good ghazal-go poet of Urdu literature he has used beautiful Hindi words. What a wonderful tribute to the mother!

Daadi Maa Songs Lyrics

Never miss latest songs lyrics update. That time in my thought was my mother. Will you please post a word by word translation of this song? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

When a mother departs from this world you loose the living god. Notify me of new posts via email. It contains all those old melodies which have a special place in my heart.

Usko nahin dekha hamne kabhi

What is this blog all about This blog discusses Bollywood songs of yesteryears. Does anyone know who sang this slow version and from which movie or album is it?

There have been a few songs praising Maa. Thank you Sudhir ji For updating my knowledge about the other movies of Dileep Raj. The two men sing this song on the tonga.

Just move your mouse on the stars above and click as per your rating. Absolutely brilliant lyrics by Indivar.

This blog discusses Bollywood songs of yesteryears. It reminds me of mother who is no longer with me physically but she is there with me every moment! One is Kashinath he was also there in Abhilasha starring sanjay khan, Nanda-R. Also the marathi actor Kashinath Ghanekar is excellent. It was a delight to watch Dr Kashinath Ghanekar.

Usko Nahin Dekha Humne Song LyricsUsko Nahi Dekha Hamne Kabhi Lyrics

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And this reply totally deflates the bad son. Now I can not see her any more this song has become very very meaning full. After work I went to a East Indian Resturant to buy her sweets and a card. This is another unique and superb example where a team of first class artists actors, musicians, singers and cinematographers create a memorable master piece. On diwali entire time after work i spend with her.

Everyone should feel proud of this song. Our new generation must learn from this song. This blog has over song posts by now. Every song has a brief description, followed by a video link, and complete lyrics of the song.