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Use Movavi Video Converter! The Profile handles all the detailed settings like choosing a codec, frame rate, and so on. Click the estimated size value of the output video in the file information to open the size adjustment window. Add Video File s to the Program. Make video footage of any application, record online streaming video, webinars, even Skype calls, and save clips in all popular formats.

How to Resize a Video with Movavi

Cinepak Codec, from Radius, is a good choice for distribution to a wide audience, since it has the widest compatibility. The size of the output video will be calculated as the size of the largest possible rectangle that fits inside the width and height and retains the aspect ratio of the original video. Manual Adjustment and Standard Resolutions. Acceptable frame rates vary depending on the specific video clip. Get the inside track on all the hot news regarding DeskShare products, new releases, special promotions and discounts.

Download for Free Download for Free. But the amount of data we store on our computers is also increasing all the time.

Choose the Output Folder and Start the Conversion. Download now and see for yourself!

These three words ring especially true for video files. Today, there are lots of video formats available. Looking for a video resizer and converter?

Now, hard drives can hold several terabytes of data. Now you know how to reduce the size of video files, so that they take up less space on your computer or mobile device. Specify the resolution of your video and choose the desired resize method. The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture. Click the Add Media button and then Add Video in the upper left corner of the program interface to open the Open File dialog box.

Open Movavi Video Converter and add your video file to the program. Windows Media Video is a good and is a general purpose format. How to email large video files.

If you try to set a higher resolution, the resulting video will still have the same size as the original. If you want to reduce the movie file size, you need to decrease the bitrate. You may have to experiment to find the lowest acceptable value. Cinepak is included with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Selecting the file format in Digital Media Converter Pro is the first decision you need to make when you want the smallest file sizes. In general, the lower the number here, the more high-pitched sounds will be lost in the compression process, but also the smaller the final file size. If you need to really minimize video size, use one of the latest video codecs like H. However, the higher the resolution, activator for windows 7 the larger the file size will be.

Choose one or more video files and click Open. For most codecs, you can also select the sample frequency. The frame rate is the number of frames displayed per second. On the File menu, select Add Files.

How to Reduce the Video File Size

How to Reduce the Video File Size

For example, you can use it for reducing video resolution. Drag the File size slider to the desired output file size. The picture below shows the differences between the first and last of these options.

To start the video conversion process, click the Convert button in the lower right corner of the program window. Click the Video tab, then choose your desired video format from the list. By default, all converted files are saved to the Movavi Library folder on your hard drive.

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If you need to change the frame proportions in your video, you can easily set a new size manually. Select files for conversion and click the Convert button on the tool bar. With Movavi Video Converter, you can not only change video format and shrink file size, but also complete many other tasks.

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Select the desired output format for conversion. Do not to use bitrates higher than those in the original file you are converting. This video format can also be played on almost any type of computer Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and more. Click the cogwheel button next to the Output format field.

Just imagine that you have a number of video clips, all with different resolutions, and you need to set a limit on their width and height during the conversion process. If you want the output video to play back on a mobile device, select the Devices tab, find your device on the list, and choose the appropriate preset. You can choose from the several codecs available from different sources. They can also be almost impossible to distribute over the Internet.


Reducing the Frame Rate Digital video is actually a series of images, which change rapidly and give the illusion of motion. Download for Free More about the Windows version. All these four methods preserve the original frame proportions with no distortion in the output clip.