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But either way, the surname of Andy May clearly comes from that usage. Hasn't he got his right foot on some kind of orthotic stilt?

Britannia is a personification of the British Empire. And there are numerous parallels to the band The Rolling Stones in this book.

This is the s version of the statue of Britannia which appeared in previous League books. Broad Arrow Jack was created by E. The house we are seeing is Cotchford farm in Hartfield, East Sussex. Perhaps, as Birmingham is not terribly far from Northampton, Moore was aware of this.

Flowers is an East London crimelord. It is Barbara Windsor who had a very brief liaison with the man standing next to her, Sid James.

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But Punjabi and Gujarati are different languages from different parts of India. Nail my skull to its forecastle. The rest of his victims are done in by beating, stabbing, drowning, throwing off of parking garage balconies, or heroin overdose. They get something like a toothbrush, and melt the end, so they can insert two razor blades close together.

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Knowing Moore's preoccupations, I doubt this is accidental. Punjab is on the northwest border of India. So that, in effect, he's a man with a serious case of Short Leg Syndrome? He would approach the unwary and try to sell them copies of his poems on pieces of grubby paper. It wouldn't be done with a straight razor.

Presumably Vince is drawn here and elsewhere to resemble Burton. Presumably some or many of the pedestrians here are references. Actually he shoots one guy. He was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool. In which case the man smoking a cigarette behind would be Jeff Randall, the living half of the duo.

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Hedges, who looks as though he may have succumbed to Sharon's wiles, has been spotted by his colleague Mr Price who is smoking a cigarette on the top deck of the bus. This usage appears in the contemporaneous Anthony Buckeridge series of Jennings books.

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He was also by far the more unbalanced and violent of the Kray Twins. This is the first of the scenes with numerous passers-by who, presumably, validating body definition training are meant to be recognized as someone.

Perhaps the doorman immediately behind Blonde Man represents the angel? It was generally habituated by artists and other creative types, and eccentrics in general. With British comedy films in mind, I imagine the seated gentleman with the cigarette holder is Terry Thomas, star of a number of films on both sides of the Atlantic through the fifties and sixties. Part of Theosophy is the idea that Tibetan ascended masters are passing on their wisdom to ordinary humanity. The girl with him is one of his students, perhaps accounting for the slightly shifty look.

The identity of his father is not hinted at. It's actually something that goes on in prisons, usually to teach someone a lesson. His degraded physical state may be the source of his current degraded employment state.