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Clearly, Faisal sets up the setting with an eye for detail and ear for rapid-fire wit. As in those films, Faisal keeps the chemistry sparky while creating an authentic background as well.

Latest Movies Lyrics Simmba. Who are we to disrespect his decision?

Audible Download Audio Books. In the fictional town of Almor, Uttar Pradesh, political battle-lines are drawn along religious lines with Qureishi and Chouhan political patriarchs being bitter rivals.

The ending, which is not revealed in this review, is utterly disappointing. Locations suit the narration. Some are calling this film sexist, others are calling it a film that goes awry in the second half. It overwhelms you and leaves you thrilled.

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Newcomer Arjun Kapoor is brilliant no doubt he got the acting gene from his family and it's nice to see that he decided to debut with daring role. One of its strengths is its very Indian feel.

Parma's aging, wizened grandfather reprimands him for his errant ways while Zoya is restrained by her elders from going blazing. But Habib Faisal's direction deserves praise. Still, the intelligent part of the script is that it moves at such a pace which doesn't allow you to think about these weak chracterisations. India at its root level is as harsh as the film itself, toned down to make it suitable for family viewing.

The lead pair does show a great chemistry in their intimate scenes but I didn't feel like watching an intense and passionate love story as a whole with feeling or depth. The action especially the Chase Scenes and the background score go hand in hand providing the much needed energy to the project and so does the well worked upon soundtrack from Amit Trivedi. Why does a Chauhan marry a Qureshi? Still have some lacking but every people has their own different point of view.

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Through the interaction with their family, hypocrisy has been shown. Jara jara kanton se lgne lga dil mera. Editing and cinematography really helped carry the movie forward. Well, guys, why can't you enjoy the show with popcorn and hankies? Music by Amit Trivedi is masterful.

Ishaqzaade primarily relies on a fast paced screenplay. Ishaqzaade marks the debut of producer Boney Kapoor's son Arjun Kapoor and he looked comfortable as a brat without a conscience. The song is composed by Amit Trivedi and the lyrics are penned by Kausar Munir. Pareshaan Song Lyrics - Ishaqzaade Lyrics. Under Faisal's capable directorial hand, she performs freely, uc browser 9.0 blazing her dialogs and yet being vulnerable as well.

The movie is devoid of modern sophistication and I loved its rustic sensibility, where it scores big time. Parineeta Chopra was great too.

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Main pareshaan pareshan pareshaan pareshaan Dilkashi ka samaa Main pareshaan pareshan pareshaan pareshaan Khwahison ka samaa. Ishaqzaade Lyrics Song Lyrics.

Ishaqzaade may be quite fast in pace, and it could have been a nice small-town romance, but something is missing. If this movie is showing on television or something, I wouldn't mind seeing it. So the writer director very smartly covers up everything and one feels like having watched a fine film while walking out of the theater.

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She also played her character with ease. As Parma, Arjun Kapoor makes a stellar debut. But after the show, I'm sure many among those hordes would have returned to their homes thinking that they have just been conned by a pointless movie!

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His body language is perfect. The getting back attitude of Zoya wasn't justified here. But the world around them wouldn't let the pair unite, as their religion-conscious families don't want to see an inter-religious marriage, which could in turn hurt their political careers.

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