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Simrad displays are high-contrast and anti-reflective, and are viewable in direct sunlight, but for best results install the display out of direct sunlight. Alarms are configured globally in the system i. Bracket Mount Bracket mount Using the bracket as a template, mark places to drill the central cable hole and four pilot holes for the bracket fasteners. Internal Echosounder External echosounder An optional Navico external sounder module eg.

NSS Configuration Guide

It is only pos- sible to view video on the unit connected to the video source. Each step in the guide links you to the appropriate article for that configuration task on vSphere. Detailed instructions for how to install the software will follow the upgrade files. This will however increase the rudder activity. This control should only be adjusted by experienced radar users.

If there are multiple feeds configured, multiple connections must be listed. An external alarm can be connected to one or more displays on the network. Refer to the transducer type selection list in the Echo Installation page to see if your transducer is mentioned for the selected echo source. You can add one or more fields for the logs and one field for alerts. Direction of local field with respect to lubber line.

The video images will not be shared with other displays via the network. Some Simrad products use SimNet proprietary connectors, but are compatible via adaptor cables. Manually adjusting steering parameters The autotune function in the autopilot is so refined that the majority of boats will need no further adjustments of the steering parameters. Nmea And Ethernet Device Updates to commence update. Unless impractical or impossible, a rudder feedback unit should be installed.


NSS Deployment Guide for vSphere

It is recommended to regu- larly copy these files and your system settings files as part of your back-up routine. Each feed can have a different list of fields, a different format, and different filters. Mounting The Nss Display Secure the display to the surface. Backing Up Your System Data Backing up your system data Waypoints, routes, tracks that you create are filed on your system.


NSS Deployment Guide for vSphere

Target loss in harbour environments may occur if this control is not adjusted correctly. Radar status Scanner type Identifies the model of scanner connected to the network. Find the bearing from the boat position to a visible object. The external alarm can be a small peizo buzzer connected directly, or a horn siren connected via a relay. Minimum wind angle to port and starboard These parameters should be set identical to the minimum apparent wind angle that will keep the sails from stalling and maintain boat speed.

NSS Configuration Guide Zscaler

Occasionally false target returns can occur adjacent to strong target returns such as large ships or container ports.

Software version Check to make sure you have the latest software. Click a link below to learn how to configure each feed. Each unit stores the database locally, so that all information is available if the device is run in standalone. Drill cable and fastener pilot holes.

NSS Configuration Guide Zscaler

Simrad always recommends using Simrad transducers. Water speed averaging echosounder transducer Averages water speed by measuring your speed at a selected interval of time. The manual assumes that the user has basic knowledge of navigation, nautical terminology and practices. Administrators must use the utility sudo to run a command with higher privileges.

Radar Setup Radar setup Setup and configuration of the Broadband radar has been simplified compared to traditional pulse radars. It can also be on the reciprocal. Real-time trawl imaging for efficient trawling pages. Water speed intervals range from one to thirty seconds, gameloft games for my mobile e.

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If not contact your Simrad dealer or Simrad Technical Support for assistance with transducer compatibility. Navico Ethernet network cables have orange connectors that are retained by a bayonet type locking collar.

Ensure you test the unit in its intended location to ensure satisfactory reception. This is the data connection to the Nanolog so it can stream the logs.

The display can be powered on and off using the power button. To finish off the installation, firmly clip the upper and lower bezels in place. Ensure that you have all the requirements for vSphere in place. For more details about running this command, click here.