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Chithrabhumi in Malayalam. All songs are composed by Ouseppachan. He fakes himself as a Customs officer to Annie.

At first it is just pretend, kadhal mp4 songs but then he too begins to love her. Dileep Samvrutha Sunil Mamta Mohandas.

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Anuradha feels very bad for Shanthanu and tries to console him. The film was shot completely from Kozhikode. At one point Kalpana's aunt tricks her into meeting a guy, Sanjay, whom they hope Kalpana will like and get married to. As Annie takes the romance seriously, Tony finally reveals his actual identity and moves away from her life.

He says it was his emotional relationship with the city and its calm nature which helped live recording to a great extent, that inspired him to choose Kozhikode as the main locale. The early talkies had speech recorded live but the change to outdoor locations made carrying recording cameras cumbersome. Shyamaprasad wanted to use live sound recording and hence he chose actors who could emote dialogues perfectly while shooting itself. In between, we could see the good deeds that the burglar does with the stolen money. Universal Music International.

Eventually, Vasu proves to Mohana that his love was true and unites with her after a clash between the cops and some goons of the locality. Like all of Shyamaprasad's previous films, Arike too is about the quest for love.

It was Shyamaprasad's first film to be filmed from the city. When Tulasi realizes that Mohana loves Vasu, he hires Vasu to pretend that he loves her back.

All lyrics are by Shibu Chakravarthy. It is then that Shanthanu realizes that Kalpana had actually not loved him at all. Kalpana's parents are against her marrying Shanthanu and they try to bring proposals from their own Brahmin community. Vasu and Mohana clash when he attempts to retrieve the reel. Arike has a breezy feel, and the story is told in a lighthearted and realistic way.

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Sudhir Kumar for the banner Venkateswaralayam. When Vasu refuses, Tulasi visits Mohana and tells her about his ploy and that Vasu's love for her was fake. In the process he Pappan befriends Jamal, who is a poor chap.

Pappan helps Jamal financially too. Kalpana is slightly capricious and loves being in love. While they travel with Sanjay in his car, they meet with an accident, which causes some scars on Kalpana's face and gave her a disfigured toe. Films directed by Shyamaprasad.

Shyamaprasad has adapted several classics on celluloid so far. The film has only a handful of characters. He use various methods to trap him, but all go in vain.

However, he takes the money involved in that deal himself. Dubbing in a studio means that a lot of vocal nuances get lost! However Sankar escapes by a whisker.

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Knowing that Mohana is his daughter, Tulasi instructs Vasu to give up his love. Added to this was the fact that technicians and stars started travelling and this started the trend of dubbing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anuradha is the sensitive type who has gone through certain bitter experiences in her teenage years, when her cousin approached her with love, which she later realised was just his lust for her. Shyamaprasad brought in Sohel Sanwari from Bollywood to record the sound.

Situations make Shekhar falsely accused as the murderer of Ambalakkadan, and Shekhar is sent to jail. Though there was police protection for the institution, Gauthaman cleverly executes his plan and escapes with the money.

Faking as Ramakrishnan, he busts out a drug group and send over the drug to Shekhar's office. We have illusions and inhibitions about love, yet we have an irrepressible thirst for it.

Vasu Ajith Kumar is a ruthless rowdy who lives in a cinema theater owned by Vinu Chakravarthy. But whether we get that happiness is the question which I want to delve through this film. For this, Sankar had to confess his crimes and surrender in front of the law. At this stage, only Sankar can help Shekharan to prove his innocence.

Mammootty Shobana Murali Sreenivasan. We all want to find happiness in love.