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Talking about direction, i could write a couple of pages about it, but i prefer to say it is exceptional. This is a conventional storyline with too many caricatures throwing in as Goons. Only the basic undercurrent of a mafia Don has been taken from it. Being the Indian version of The Godfather, it has the perspective of an Indian man who comes out of the system to fight the evils in the society.

Not just strong performances but their perfect chemistry is the biggest scoring point here for which Varma should be applauded. The closing scenes show a woman approaching Shankar for justice to a fake encounter of her husband by the police and calling Shankar the Sarkar, while Subhash is busy with family. Shankar eliminates Rasheed, Vishram and Selvar Mani.

For the Tamil film, see Sarkar film. Sarkar doesn't even come close to it. Pooja's doubts about Sarkar's image cause Shankar, who firmly believes in his father's righteousness, to break up with her.

After Big B, this movie will be remembered only for Kay Kay. Its finally proved that, its only Amitabh Bachchan who can reach or excel the act of Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone from the original. Abhishek is good, nothing extra ordinary again. The movie does have its lacunae, e. Father and son created magic on the screen making it difficult to decide who did a better job.

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And asks Solozzo to do his business independently, and Godfather does not have any objections so long as their interests do not conflict. Shankar kills his morally-weak brother directly. Abhishake is excellent but Al pachino is much better than that. The Script is then changed from the Original, and in a better fashion to suit Indian cinema.

He executes justice for the down-trodden in the way he deems right, even if it may be as it invariably is outside the law. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. In the Indian context where the rule of law is but a mockery of its own self, Sarkar played by Amitabh Bachhan does a very good job running a parallel government of sorts. The first half focuses on the Big B and the second on the smaller one. Because he would get all the awards and accolades for this performance in Sarkar.

Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. The only person who exemplified in acting in this movie was Kay Kay. The music of the movie is first rate, vnc server windows 7 it plays a very important role in keeping us glued to what happens on screen. Hollywood guys can forward this movie to Mr.

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Top Stunt director Allan Amin Ghani is also not in his best form. At the same time warns Mastan that he would not let him do drugs business. Critics liked the way the movie indigenised The Godfather and introduced a political angle to it. Simultaneous mass assassination of rival gangs towards climax while the baptism ceremony is going on. Power is gained by joining people together, not by making them go against you.

This film is an original by itself. After Agneepath, we see the best performance of Amitabh Bachchan of his career. In other projects Wikiquote.

Vishnu returns home pretending to have repented. The movie does not have any unnecessary song sequence and it is a welcome relief.

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But unfortunately we don't see much of his character being built up after the interval which is bad. The Indian adaption of The Godfather turned out to be a turn off. Its gritty, and fast, so the viewer has to concentrate. But if you looking for the regular Bollywood mix of action, drama and songs, you will be disappointed. There isn't much scope for him in this.

Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! Brilliant performances by Big B and Kay Kay. What we see in them is as clear as this text you are reading. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is surely one of his finest performances and goes on par with that of Black.

But i would recommend to those who have seen the English version or read the book to stay away from this one. Here the film definitely falls short and could not rise above an average fare. It portrays a fictitious do-gooder who is a messiah to the down-trodden. But Manisha, being the wonderful actor she is, was nothing more than a distraction. Abhishek tries to copy his father's angry look from yesteryear and does so brilliantly.

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Besides if you notice, there are instruments used in the same scene Sitar, classical, dhol, violin. He is undeniably the best actor of this generation and Hrithwik Roshan is next to follow.

The director knows that this man can shout out words from his eyes what actors fail to do with their mouths, and uses it to full advantage, much to the delight of cinephiles. Sarkar a bolly wood remake of Godfather is not even remotely close to the original as par to execution wise.