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This is where you can ask the person you want to marry out on dates at certain times which differ to each bachelor and bachelorette. However, fierce arguments grew between which town's cooking was better than the other's. You can put in your name or you can think of a cute or funny nickname. Using the same color as the main color would hide the accent flower.

  1. At the shop, you ring a bell to entice customers but no one seems to be coming.
  2. Some of his requests and events will include cats.
  3. You will have the choice to accept or reject.
  4. Your encouragement cheers Cam up.
Harvest moon tale of two towns dating guide

Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns

Although the game's main purpose is to cook dishes for the cooking festival, the game has many of the classic Harvest Moon elements to it as well. The Harvest Goddess will do the ceremony and nobody else will be there. By increasing their friendship, the Harvest Goddess will eventually decide to unblock the tunnel that is blocking the two towns. Funny Moments of Harvest Moon. Centuries later the towns are still bitter rivals, only communicating during a weekly cooking festival.

Nathan the priest will conduct the ceremony and the villagers of your town will be in attendance. Also, the special candidates do not have any Flower events. Like real people, each person on the game likes different things and hates others. In addition, if a week later happens to fall on a festival day or a villagers birthday, your wedding will be pushed to the closest normal day.

Cam (TToTT)

  • All you have to do is give him the Blue Feather as a gift and watch the cutscene unfold.
  • Cam didn't really enjoy your chat today and he has to leave.
  • When the player comes to, they realize that they don't remember which town they lived in.

When you ask your future spouse out on a date and you have fulfilled any previous goals and choose the right location you will see the Flower event instead of the regular date scene. Aside from flowers, Cam also sells perfume and flower seeds at his stall. You also have the ability to create perfume and flower bouquets if you've got flowers in your inventory. After that, you will have your wedding a week after the proposal.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As you give them presents they like the flowers will change color and another flower will bloom along with the change. Okay - Church Bad - Town Square. He becomes annoyed and walks away.

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Luckily, we will help you later in our guide on what the right answers are for each person. These will be listed in our guide for each bachelor and bachelorette. Once the player has friendship points with the marriage candidate, when is best the player can take the candidate out on dates.

Harvest moon tale of two towns dating guide

When he spends time with you, time seems to go by quickly. Cam tells you that lately that he hasn't been selling much at his shop. On days when the stall is open, he will be working. Only a few of the bachelors have reverse proposal events. Before marriage can occur, the player must have a big bed in their house and also trigger events that occur on dates.

Cam (TToTT)

Cam knows he has to do something to resolve this issue, but he doesn't know what to do. The player can grow crops on their farm, raise livestock, forage, fish, catch bugs, need help and do requests to make money. The date will proceed as normal but then he will say he wants to tell you something important. Maybe it's because of you?

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On his days off, he can be seen taking a walk in the mountain area or will be in his room on the first floor of the cafe. If you can't find the cat's owner, she and her dad can take care of it for a while. Maybe Cam can learn a few things by watching you. The player must give presents to a marriage candidate and raise their friendship points to a certain level.

The player will gain more points by participating in the festival than they would if they were cheering for their town. The player can choose to marry a bachelor or bachelorette, depending on the player's gender, from either town. When you are watching the Flower event you will be asked at some point to answer a question asked by who you are with. Going on dates will increase your friendship with them. He saw a lot of flowers that smelled nice and looked very lovely, sex dating but the flowers in Bluebell Town are the best anywhere.

Cam is worried and isn't sure what to do if you can't find its owner. Once you give them the feather a cut scene will start. The player starts the game by choosing a gender and picking to live in either Bluebell or Konohana. Cam seems to be lost in thought. Or on stormy days they can be found randomly on the mountain.

Unfortunately he doesn't know where the cat's owner is. As they turn to go, the cat seems to thank Cam for helping her. After that, you need to go on a date with the guy and you can select one of the good date locations.

Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns

You run over and help the cat to safer and less wet ground. It is your choice though if you want to wait until they are in a nice place other then their house. But you will not be able to ask them out until they are at a Purple Flower or higher.

Well, if Rutger has noticed, it must be true. Unless you are marrying The Oracle. Cam and the cat leave you behind on top of the mountain.

He explains that a friend of his in the city is going to get married and Cam is planning on sending a bouquet of flowers. After that you will somehow be transported to the Goddess Spring where he will give you the blue feather. The game's main purpose is to win the cooking competitions that happen four days out of each season.

Once the wedding scene is over the credits will roll and after that you will be back in your house. You'll return to your farmhouse when the event is over. Once you complete those requirements Eileen will post a request on the Bulletin Board in Bluebell Village.

Click here for instructions. These are Kana, Hiro and Ash. The player's farm will have different features depending on which town the player has chosen. All of the villagers that he's met are also gentle and kind, just like the flowers.

Harvest moon tale of two towns dating guide
Harvest moon tale of two towns dating guide

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Harvest moon tale of two towns dating guide
Harvest moon tale of two towns dating guide

If you manage to lose it somehow, then its gone and your completely screwed sad to say. But remember, once you press Ok, you cant change it and thats what they will call you for the rest of eternity! But note also that some Flower events for different candidates may require other stats like the weather or your friendship levels with another villager.

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You or your wife will be pregnant for two seasons before the baby is born. Cam notices that the cat has a collar and guesses that it is lost. The night before your wedding you can change your outfit to what you like because there are no special wedding outfits for either you or your spouse. The festival occurs four times each season and the player can choose to either participate in the festival or cheer for the player's own town. Next, the two of you ask Georgia about the cat.

Another neat change in Two Towns is instead of the standard hearts on the dialog boxes for the marriage candidates, there are decorative flowers on a green vine. Hundreds of years ago, the towns of Bluebell and Konohana were friendly neighbors, joined together by a tunnel underneath the mountain that separated the towns. You have to use the dating system instead.

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