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These are available for reading online. These are unique entries not found elsewhere.

Download free Fiction Health Romance and many more ebooks

The site does also offer books for purchase, but all the works in this list are available for free. Most of the links here are working, but there are a number that lead to BookRags, which are not free anymore. Some are read only, presented as images and some are listen alongs, presented in videos.

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AaronShephard'sWorldof Stories is a nicely categorized collection of stories from around the world for online reading. Interesting collection of illustrated stories and also other activites. Sleeth the Slothainian was just about to start its second celebratory rest after getting promoted when it got a call. Also available are associated activities. You have to check the prices to be sure.

If yes, then you are at right place buddy. Reading Bear A phonics learning site for begining readers.

You can clearly see when a free book will expire and start to cost, which is helpful. The registration on this website is not mandatory. Audio may be disabled for reading only. Games and other activities also available.

Caution that many of the other links lead to items for sale. These are natural science and technology related works. Also has nice feature of further subcategories to set age range and other options. You can scroll through and look at each book's cover, but clicking on it gives you the link to Amazon to download it as well as the beginning of the book's description.

What We Like Includes in-depth information about each title. They are also available for download at a fee. You do have to go into each daily listing individually. The origins of the universe, and even time itself, have long been considered mysteries.

What We Don't Like Includes lots of links to other websites. Since I did not want to take up further web pages here at Gizmo's, I set up a site at Google Sites to provide the links for these books. Knowledgerush has a small, but interesting, collection with a good listing of Oz and Tom Swift books, along with some other classics for viewing online. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling where the link goes until you click the link. ExtraTorrenttoo is a very handy website for torrenting.

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No worries, you can find lots of free Nook books you can download, too. SurLaLuneFairyTales offers a very nice and large collection of fairy tales from around the world for online reading.

Shows up to free titles per page. There are also other activites at the site.

Download free Fiction Health Romance and many more ebooks

Also available are activites related to the books. The site is very slow to load pages.

This website is a heaven for e-book lovers. These have some nice illustrations. Not related to the above as far as I can tell. Free registration is required to download in a variety of formats.

Once you've had a book for a few weeks, it will automatically be taken off your Kindle, which is a bit similar to a regular book lending program that involves non-digital books. What We Like Social media widgets make it easy to share information about book deals.

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Are you looking for ebook torrenting sites? It is the most popular ebook torrent website to download free ebooks of your choice. This is an extensive listing of the free ebook offerings, bakugan psp game showing the genre with option to eclude that genre or show only that genre in results and the length of the ebook.

What We Don't Like No pictures of book covers. Warning that some of these books have racist language. Many titles require an Amazon Unlimited account to read for free. Thank you for pointing this out Doranwen. All are available for free online reading.

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The library section is just a listing of books that are for sale. They also have posted the stories at YouTube. Please enter your name here.