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This is one of those songs that forces you to smile like a slow-motion blast of glitter falling from the sky. Another jam from Guetta's first international crossover success One Love. Again, Usher provides the perfect sing-along hook over Guetta's higher-than-higher synth melodies.

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All I see in my mind's eye is sweaty skin gyrating in a crowd, arms lifted to the sky, couples making out. You don't need much else in the verses besides Sande's vocal, but we still love the maximalism of that drop.

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Connect your Spotify account to your Last. The barber shop scene is definitely my fave. Would Calvin Harris ever be so big as he is today if Guetta hadn't helped break down those radio barriers?

It had so many unforgettable classics, this jam featuring Usher being one of the best. We recommend putting it on when you're getting ready or pregaming. Rebel Rebel - Remastered Version. The video is super goofy and wonderful.

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It's not even cheesy, although it could have been at any sonic turn. Nothing But the Beat might be Guetta's best album. Starman - Remastered Version. It's upbeat, it's got star power, it's soulful, it's pop-driven. Download this new Fuji single from Pasuma ft.

This was the moment everyone decided tight neon pants and tanks with text were the only thing they wanted to wear. No Rome, Elohim, and more.

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Check out this new video from Medikal feat. The radio edit, heard in the video below, is actually a remix of the original, included at the end of the album as a bonus cut, but this is the version that lives on in collective memory.

Listen Play similar artists. Moonage Daydream - Remastered Version. It was a time when anything was game, even listing off food items over a killer beat. There's a hint of Discovery- era Daft Punk in those electric keys matched with the pounding four-on-the-floor. Flo Rida is one of pop's favorite rappers, having made a career off of dance-hop party anthems.

Changes - Remastered Version. Scotland's Emeli Sande has one of the most honest voices in the game. Chris Willis is the perfect soulful house singer, belting out all the pain of a broken relationship, somehow turning it into a self-affirming message of strength and resilience.

Minaj shines, as opposed to sounding like a quick Rihanna replacement. His willingness to work with artists across genre lines has brought hits with rappers, singer-songwriters and pop stars alike.

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The presidential and National Assembly elections have come and gone but Nigerian singer Davido did not vote. Somehow, this David Guetta song only peaked at No. No matter how you feel about him, David Guetta is hugely responsible for dance music crossing over into the American mainstream. Who can forget the video, feautring Nicki Minaj as some kind of pleasure bot, coming to life mid-construction, rio dvd player singing from that weird metal skeleton mouth?

Akon actually approached Guetta about working together following the success of his Kelly Rowland collab. That's the stuff nightmares are made of. Sia is a vision on this track, a powerful force daring any detractor to step to this superwoman. Would The Chainsmokers be stealing the hearts of so many tween girls if it weren't for early hits from Guetta and Nicki Minaj?

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This is pretty forward-thinking for that year, and it's retro-future vibes stand the test of time. Nicki Minaj has two collabs with Guetta on this album, this era being the peak of her pop crossover momentum. Guetta suggested they start immediately, so they booked a hotel in London and wrote this song in one night. Barbara Tucker's rich, booming voice is beautiful all over this.

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Guetta isn't afraid to get cheesy, but a lot of that cheese is so gooey, it's perfect. Space Oddity - Remastered Version. It's a simple composition centered around bright synth chords with heavy emphasis on the vocals.

Latest DAVIDO SONGS & DAVIDO VIDEOS ( Latest Update)

This is just one of the strangest songs we ever did hear. Not gonna lie, this David Guetta song totally sounds like it was meant for Rihanna, and then Guetta couldn't get Rihanna, so he just asked Nicki Minaj to play the part of the dance floor songstress.

This is Guetta working hard for that radio domination. Honestly, it's a dope tune, and certainly one that, once you've heard it, you'll never forget. More of this bass, please. Record label execs thought three names was one too many for mainstream audiences to deal with. Connect to Spotify Dismiss.