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Quebec man Ismael Habib threatened to kill his girlfriend and her son with a car bomb if his plans to leave Canada to join Daesh were revealed to police, court hears. All of it was to achieve his single goal, assistir filme querem acabar comigo online dating she said. She replied defiantly that he could do whatever he wanted to her automobile because she had insurance.

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She was devastated and confronted him. She testified that the tensions led her to take a medical leave from work.

The trial, which is scheduled to run for two weeks, continues Monday afternoon. They soon clashed over the issue of religion. The girlfriend described herself as a non-practising Muslim. When Habib confided to his Hammouya that his girlfriend in Gatineau was aware of his intentions, he was scolded, prompting him to issue his threat. He came clean about his past and his future intentions, she told the court.

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He had shaved his beard for the photograph. The woman also came across a fraudulent passport from another country that Habib seemed to think would be the one he would use to eventually flee Canada.

He told her he believed his best mode of travel was by boat due to a prior criminal investigation into his activities. Article Continued Below The girlfriend panicked. After a few dates and conversations about what they wanted out of the relationship, the two moved into an apartment in Gatineau, Que. It revealed that the couple was not, in fact, divorce.

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