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Taste of Hilsha caught from Meghna River Meghna and raw milk are truly different. Monpura Fisheries Ltd has developed two kilometers north-east from Upazila Sadar.

Monpura Island - History and Travel-world heritage BD

Its absolutely a great place to visit, thankyou for share. The album has been noted for its depth, creative thought, and trend-breaking effort. Once upon a time, the Portuguese lived on this island. They enjoy the epic view of the sunset with their family and friends.

Monpura has created new records in Bangla movie. After becoming one of the most successful Bangladeshi Movie ever, Monpura is releasing Worldwide. Simultaneously, it has widened a door for Bangla film industry. But the picturisation, teri meri nibhi jaandi taan karke mp3 song the setting of the island named Monpura is what has made the movie unique.

Monpura Movie of Bangladesh

There is a pirated copy of this movie available on Internet. Isolated island n the largest one. Islands are my absolute favorite! Sondra xx prettyfitfoodie. No doubt, winter is the best time to go there.

It will be good to hire a motorcycle. Mangrove gardens are the main attraction of the island. Monpura-All Time Blockbuster? It is the producers who stand in the way of their dreams.

The only way is the waterway. After a long time, we have seen such an incidence where a main stream commercial film has made people rush towards theatres irrespective of age and class.

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Cast and Crew of Monpura Overview M onpura. Full width home advertisement. Makes me want to visit the the island and experience its beauty. The island is surrounded by Meghna River. The mangrove sounds interesting and of course just the water would be wonderful to enjoy.

It makes my life more exciting and teaches you so much about life. Either they fail to manage a producer or fail to get the amount which is needed to realize their dream. On my list of places to visit when I visit my hometown again. It is possible to go there by rickshaw or motorcycle.

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Like most island they are beautiful. Farhana Mili in Commercial. This is a really great guide for this location.

Beveridge writes about the name of Monpura, a man named Mongazi who leased the land from the zamindar of the era in the eighteenth century. Monpura Worldwide Release.

From October to mid of April you can visit. Then the name of this island was named after him.

Monpura Movie of Bangladesh

Considering the fact that, these are the busiest theatres in the capital, one can imagine the nationwide success of this movie. Monpura Upazila is also exciting and spectacular places to the people of the country as well as foreigners.

Monpura Movie of Bangladesh

The copy was pirated from a theater. Monpura is an ideal place for camping.

Your photography is beautiful. According to the local people, the mind of the people was filled after drinking pure milk and observing the natural beauty. Farhana Mili plays her debut role as Pori, the daughter of a fisherman.