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The 4 Best (Free) Tools to Add Text to Stock Photos

Text Editor Add Text To Photos With BeFunky

The emails you've entered do not match. It has large collection of clipart, which can be downloaded from its website for free. Put the focus on your subject Create a colored Vignette or use Funky Focus to blur everything but your subject, either way, the focus of your photo will always be on the subject. This image editor is elementary and offers almost all basic editing tools, along with brushes and filters. Effects such as Blurr, jitter, fade, spray, etc can be applied to text and their intensity can be adjusted.

Effects like outline, chrome, shadow and reflection can be added too. Please enter your email Email. This software also provides option to place text in different angular paths. When you capture the perfect moment, you need the perfect font to go with it. It has editing tools which can adjust contrast, brightness, add textures, improve color properties, red-eye correction and add text.

The 4 Best (Free) Tools to Add Text to Stock Photos

The presence of layers, blending modes and several tools like deformation grid, texture mapping, shape selection, etc makes this editor really productive. You can also add text to your images by using some apps on your iPhone or Android quickly to share on your social account. Personalized Fonts No need to learn Photoshop.

Add Text to Photos and Bring New Meaning to Your Images

With Batch Processing you can crop, resize, and edit hundreds of photos all at the same time. You can also download preset filters from the software website.

Add Text to Photos

Fotophire Editing Toolkit

This multi-function software is capable of high end editing. Hammer it out with this old fashioned text, and give your next snapshot a classic look and feel that will be sure to charm.

This software does not let you place your text freely, you can only place it at predefined corners or the center. Overall, this is a good application for beginners and learners. We tested four of the most popular apps. When done, drag the text to desired location. Choose size, font and color of the text.

Fotor Photo Editor

Like Canva, BeFunky offers tutorials that will inspire you to use not only its text-adding functions but also its tools, including lipstick, exposure and rainbows. Upload your fave fonts to PicMonkey and use them on any computer with your account. Pablo is a perfect addition to Buffer, allowing you to add text to images and schedule for posting across social media platforms.

Add Text to Photos and Bring New Meaning to Your Images

Customize font size, color, text effects, and more. By creating an account you agree to our Terms of Use. You can add texture or gradient to a text instead of color. Whether you want to correct for lens warp, fix a jawline, or soften and blend areas of your photos - Our Reshape tool is the perfect BeFunky Plus feature to get the job done. Adding text is an easy job.

This free software flaunts layers, rendering, filters and other important tools. This software contains plenty of tools to edit a single photo or a batch of photos. The editor is simple to use and keeps track of full history of the editing. Use it next time you add text to a photo, and it will be sure to make an impact. They even have a video editing feature!

It functions with layers and is not difficult to work with. Apply text wrapping, and watch as the words flow around your image. There aren't too many options to get lost into.

If you do not want to download any apps, you can also try some online photo editors to add text. Perfect photos in a single click Auto Enhance is a smart enhancement tool that simultaneously evens out exposure, boosts saturation, and increases sharpness where your photos need it most. Please enter a password Password.

Adding text is pretty simple and can be beefed up with shadows, textures and anti-aliasing. Filters and Textures are some of the features this application is loaded with. This ultimate drawing tool lets you render texts as well. After inserting the text you can also adjust the size of the letters, pick a color or align the text within the box.

Adding text is easy, noir games although adding effects to text can be a bit difficult. Adding a text is really simple.

Experiment like mad You can add any effect, texture, or even touch up tool to text, too. Komika Axis Always easy to read, this striking font is simple enough for most projects, yet still has an edge. This editor also has options to merge all or selected layers. You can be confident that it will look great anywhere. Click on the Start button, located in the lower left corner of your screen, then go to All Programs, and select Accessories.

Upgrade Now Already have an account? Its loaded with features like histogram, layers, merger, etc. Apart from these effects, basic editing tools are also included.

Turn your photos into art Take unique to the next level. So, just specify the text, specify all the photos to which the text has to be added, and it will batch add text to them in one go.

This software has preloaded filters and different tools to make a picture look alive. Smartphones, compact cameras, and countless other devices enable us to take pictures every day, but sometimes photos have to be edited before they can be presented to anyone. This program has a wide array of tools to perform basic and professional editing on a picture. It gives some great options to add text to images. Adding text to an image is straight forward.

The perfect Graphic for any project Finding the right graphic has never been easier. Hub Editor Templates Learn. Dancing Script Soft and elegant, this font will romanticize almost any photograph. Today you can add text to images in a matter of minutes with no software upgrade, no expensive expert, and no headaches.

Claim your fab photos with a custom watermark. It has an optimized search engine to find images from Google and Flickr.

Add text to a photo Start a free trial. Or, resize and rotate your typeface till it looks just right. Resources Blog Tutorials Pricing Help. Select a picture to add text to and open it in Picasa. This font has a lot of personality.