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Now, I realized that the present is a really precious opportunity for me and that the fans are also precious. Back then, they were too crazy to even care. Nothing has changed much but I feel grateful when I hear that my acting has been getting better.

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He just being himself, people will never satisfied. When sasaeng fans are eating ice cream in the summer, he makes them buy him ice cream as well. But yeah she is on the exact same thing. Dissed Jay even before the debut.

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As of the moment, Junho is not seeing anyone not even dated because according to him he has a very busy schedule knowing for a fact that he is filming as of the moment. During his debut days, JunHo never received much of the attention, but that all changed. See Also Korean celebrities dating rumors Seventeen dating rumors Dating rumors pentagon Hollywood dating rumors Ikon junhoe dating rumors Onew dating rumors. He dated a new girl after that and is dating another one now.

Yook sung-jae finds a majority of his girlfriend in the singer-actor was actually set to clear. Sasaeng fans followed and heard something ridiculous. People are even tired of me whining hahaha.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. This is the excerpt for a placeholder post. Weren't he and the wife wearing an earpiece so there was a simultaneous interpretation going on?

Recent Posts For someone who has an entire blog dedicated to her love of solo travel, it seems strange that I have never actually written about why I love solo travel as much as I do. They are the stars of the television drama called Music and Lyrics. Now it seems their shoulders are heavy. He also said that marriage is something that he foresees in the future because that is his plans. In between, dating he takes breaks and goes to Smoothie King.

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And she looks good, not an aunty. For someone who has an entire blog dedicated to her love of solo travel, it seems strange that I have never actually written about why I love solo travel as much as I do. Let Key be the last one please.

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She had love line with kimbum or his name actually kibum? If i am not wrong she played as gaeul? That show was the Superstar Survival. Junho is very talented person packed with good looks and great personality it would be such a waste not to like him. Better than age, people need to find out if they fit well as a pair.

Junho s Girlfriend

This news report too is recent. Yook sung-jae finds a girl their overdue return to only for. Actually that is technically every jyp artist aside from Suzy.

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He went out shopping with friends and showed off that he might even have a solo now that Jaebeom was gone. They are still crazy, watch their behind the scene, in Japan. Then the boys came out of the club drunk as hell. Since it is just a rumour don't get too excited.

  1. Access san francisco ca site buy gifts lee junho that is known as a.
  2. Plastic surgery fits her well, right?
  3. He always orders drinks and adds the protein stuff.
  4. How He Thinks Marriage It is not a surprised for Lee Junho that he wanted to settle down and be married to the girl he loves.

He can handle her without any strength. That show called music and lyric? It was a meaningful solo tour for me in many ways. The ones who are pretty actually get to sleep with their idols sometimes, if they get lucky.

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We were hiding behind a car and watching carefully when we sort of heard Junho and Chansung laugh. When I read someone saying they're hottest, I think of them calling themselves hottest person. When the myspace incident broke out, he drank with Junho and told Jay to fuck off.

Double standards everywhere. Pedehal dengan kata-kata manusia. You don't have to, you can google it! Even mark the most quiet member was funny xD.

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The fact that I was only into dancing became a limit for me. Jackson is freaking amazing! Hmmm I thought it was different. They are still damn funny.

At first, Khun was the most popular and got the most shots on camera. He fought with my friend and broke windows the friend was a girl. Junho is also an actor and a dancer in which we can really say that he is such a talented artist.

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Lee Jongsuk's agency denies dating rumor with miss A's Suzy. Ok taecyeon and others dating rumors of these are. Does the show film web chats or something? Sounds angry, he just understood that the two boys were laughing and talking about fans. They wrote new lyrics to songs and sang about how happy they were because Jay, the Yankee, had left.

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